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Duminică, 09 Ianuarie 2011 04:00

Mihai Eminescu - Oda (in Metru Antic)


Nu credeam sa-nvat a muri vreodata;
Pururi tanar, infasurat in manta-mi,
Ochii mei ‘naltam visatori la steaua

Cand deodata tu rasarisi in cale-mi,
Suferinta tu, dureros de dulce ...
Pana-n fund baui voluptatea mortii



Mihai Eminescu - Oda in metru antic - recita Adrian Paunescu

Jalnic ard de viu chinuit ca Nessus.
Ori ca Hercul inveninat de haina-i;
Focul meu a-l stinge nu pot cu toate
Apele marii.

De-al meu propriu vis, mistuit ma vaiet,
Pe-al meu propriu rug, ma topesc in flacari ...
Pot sa mai re-nviu luminos din el ca
Pasarea Phoenix?

Piara-mi ochii turburatori din cale,
Vino iar in san, nepasare trista;
Ca sa pot muri linistit, pe mine,
Mie reda-ma!



Ode (In Ancient Meter)


Hardly had I thought I should learn to perish;

Ever young, enwrapped in my robe I wandered,

Raising dreamy eyes to the star styled often

Solitude's symbol.        


All at once, however, you crossed my pathway -

Suffering - you, painfully sweet, yet torture ...

To the less I drank the delight of dying -

Pitiless torment.


Sadly racked, I'm burning alive like Nessus,

Or like Hercules by his garment poisoned;

Nor can I extinguish my flames with every

Billow of oceans.


By my own ilussion consumed I'm wailing

On my own grim pyre in flames I'm melting ...

Can I hope to rise again like the Phoenix

Bird from the ashes?  


May all tempting eyes vanish from my pathway

Come back to my breast, you indifferent sorrow;

So that I may quietly die, restore me,

To my own being!



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